Policy & emerging Technology

The Department of Information and Communications Technology is embarking on a journey to transform the whole-of-government digital platforms in support of digital government services and applications to enhance efficient and effective delivery of services within the PNG government, its agencies and all its stakeholders through, profound polices and legislation. The department is mainly driven y visions and strategic plans to promote government service affordability, transparency, sustainability and security through a more digitized government.

PNG has been lacking a clear path to a whole new era of digital transformation and a reformed government service delivery operations. Under defined mandates and commissions, these proposed policies unveiled the introduction of strategic frameworks for digital transformation, approaches to a secured cyberspace, cloud based computing, freedom to access information, clear directive action plans, ICT telecommunications services to stakeholders.

Digital Transformation

Sets out the strategic framework in digital transformation within PNG government and sector as a whole.

Government Cloud

The Government Cloud (GC) Policy provides guidance and direction to PNG Government departments and agencies in making use of Government Cloud Infrastructure (GCI) service

cyber security

Sets out the government approach towards addressing cyber security risks and challenges.

access to information

Deploys information disclosure to achieve good governance and sustainable development. 

ict roadmap

Establish strategic directions to help shape the development of the digital economy in PNG.

national ict policy

Presents the government’s effort to reform ICT sector within PNG government. 


Digital Transformation bill 2022

The Digital Bill 2022 has been enacted anchor whole-of-government’s ICT functions and powers within the
 Department of Information Communications Technology

national ict act

The power to do all things necessary to be down in connection with, or otherwise incidental to, the performance of its functions or to enable it to achieve the objective