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Digital Transformation

Shared Services

Shared digital government services are digital tools and platforms that are shared among multiple government agencies, reducing duplication and improving efficiency. This coordinated approach results in cost savings, better use of resources, and improved services for citizens.

Digital Standards

Digital government standards are guidelines for creating accessible, user-friendly, secure, transparent, interoperable, open, and privacy-respecting digital services and systems in government. By following these standards, governments can build efficient, effective, and trustworthy services that meet citizens' needs.

ICT Project Design

ICT Project Designs must align with the Digital Government Plan, Government Technology Stack, and PNG's ICT policies. Approval is required from the Departmental Head, and a Certificate of Compliance must be obtained for PIP and State Guaranteed projects before seeking funding.

Cyber Safety

Cyber safety is important because cyber threats such as hacking, malware, and identity theft can cause financial and reputational damage to individuals and organizations. Cyber safety involves promoting a culture of security awareness and education, which can help prevent or reduce cyber attacks.


The Public Service ICT Steering Committee plays a critical role in ensuring coordinated and effective implementation of ICT initiatives across government agencies in Papua New Guinea. Through setting standards, providing oversight, and promoting collaboration, the Committee helps to ensure that ICT programs are aligned with government strategy and that they deliver maximum benefits to citizens and businesses.

Cyber Training

Cyber training for public service ICT professionals is essential to protect sensitive government information and infrastructure from cyber threats. It helps to prevent financial and reputational damage, maintain trust in government, and support the digital transformation agenda. Effective training enhances the overall cybersecurity posture of the country. The NCSC provides Tier 1 and 2 level cyber training for SOC and CERT related operations.


Circular Notices issued by the Department of ICT keep stakeholders informed on developments pertaining to digital transformation, promoting transparency, collaboration, and accountability. Based on this, stakeholders can adjust their plans and strategies accordingly to support effective implementation of the government's digital transformation agenda.

Media Releases

We do our best to create awareness, generate support, and build trust in the government's digital transformation agenda. By keeping stakeholders informed, these releases promote transparency, accountability, and collaboration, ensuring that the benefits of digital transformation are realized by all.

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