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Active Partnership Agreements

Addressing the common threats that misinformation and disinformation online pose to the effectiveness of PNG national government policy by jointly developing the Asia Pacific Information Disorder Index.

Agreement Period: 28/05/21 – (Open)

To share information on a need-to-know basis on License and software maintenance.

Agreement Period: 08/12/21 to 08/01/26 (5 years)

Establish a Framework which will make possible common activities such as exchange of information and good practices, knowledge transfer, and fostering the development of cooperation actions and projects between organizations and their affiliates

Agreement Period: 09/01/22 – (Open)

To develop cooperation on the basis of equally, reciprocity and mutual benefits, and to promote relations and mutual understanding between the participants.

Agreement Period: 09/1/2022 to 09/1/2027 (5 years)

To promote partnerships and provide a framework of cooperation on the cyber affairs and digital economy between the participants.

Agreement Period: 30/03/22 to 30/03/27 (5 years)

To build and enhance Internet Development and Capacity Building in PNG.

Agreement Period: 17/10/2022 – (Open)

To promote closer mutual cooperation and consultation, and exchange of technical assistance in the Domain Services, Digital Skills, Digital Transformation Centre Cooperation.

Agreement Period: 11/11/2022 to 11/11/2025 (3 Years)

To establish a framework for cooperation and collaboration between the Government, represented by the DICT and PNG Digital Cluster.

Agreement Period: 25/05/23 to 25/05/2028 (5 years)

To provide a general framework for facilitating collaboration and cooperation between the participants in achieving their objectives of the participants while having due regard to the respective functions of the participants under relevant laws, regulations, policies, and procedures.

Agreement Period: 28/11/23 to 28/11/28 (5 years)

To encourage the exchange of knowledge between the parties with a view to developing long-term cooperation activities focused on priority areas for DICT.

Agreement Period: 04/12/2023 to 04/12/2026 (3 years)

Participants to cooperate to improve the benefits of digital connectivity, enable digital economy, ensure digital safety, and improve institutional and governance arrangements for the ICT sector in PNG.

Agreement Period: 08/12/23 to 8/12/2026 (3 years)

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