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The PNG Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) has revealed the GOVPNG Technology Stack for 2023.

This effective approach aims to revolutionize digital transformation in PNG, setting the stage for a cost-effective, streamlined, and measurable approach to accelerate the country’s digitalization agenda.

According to DICT Secretary Mr Steven Matainaho, the adoption of a technology stack approach is crucial to PNG’s digital transformation journey.

He emphasized its significance in promoting the use of interoperable, generic, and reusable building blocks for digitizing services.

“The importance of a stack approach is that it promotes the use of interoperable, generic, and reusable building blocks to digitalize any service,” said Mr. Matainaho, highlighting the transformative power of this strategy.

One of the key advantages of implementing the GOVPNG Technology Stack, as explained by Mr. Matainaho, is the reduction of duplicated investments, resulting in significant cost savings. Moreover, the stack’s design enables rapid scaling up of services and improves operational efficiency.

“The benefits amongst many is reduction of duplication of investments, and improved design to scale up quickly, and improved efficiency,” added Mr. Matainaho, underlining the potential for enhanced performance and resource optimization.

Drawing inspiration from the success stories of digital government pioneers, PNG aims to follow in the footsteps of countries like Estonia, Singapore, India, and South Korea. By leveraging their experiences, PNG seeks to expedite its digital transformation journey and deliver citizen-centric services efficiently.

“Various countries leading in Digital Government have adopted their Technology Stack. These countries include Estonia, Singapore, India, and South Korea,” Mr. Matainaho stated, highlighting the importance of learning from global leaders in the field.

To provide stakeholders with a visual representation of the GOVPNG Technology Stack, DICT has unveiled an initial diagram showcasing different layers and logos of vendors engaged in discussions or negotiations.

Emphasizing the paramount importance of cybersecurity, Secretary Matainaho stressed that it is a cross-cutting layer requiring equal attention at every level.

“Cyber Security will be a concern across all layers of the stack. This you will see in the Diagram that Cyber Security is a cross-cutting layer and equal attention must be paid to it,” Mr. Matainaho pointed out, underscoring the critical need for robust cybersecurity measures.

To address cybersecurity concerns and ensure data governance and protection, the Department is currently in the consultation phase of finalizing a comprehensive Data Governance and Protection Policy.

Secretary Matainaho revealed that the policy is expected to be finalized within the current quarter, demonstrating the Department’s commitment to safeguarding data and privacy in the digital age.

“We have a Data Governance and Protection Policy currently under consultation to address this matter. We look at finalizing this quarter,” Mr. Matainaho stated.

Looking ahead, the Department plans to initiate the tendering process for various components of the technology stack in the coming weeks.

This strategic move aims to engage vendors and technology providers, fostering collaboration and ensuring a well-rounded and efficient implementation of the GOVPNG Technology Stack.

With the introduction of the GOVPNG Technology Stack, the PNG Government through the Department of Information and Communications Technology envisions a future where citizens can access digital services seamlessly, and the government can optimize resource allocation, enhance service delivery, and drive economic growth through digital innovation.

“DICT plans to evaluate vendors for the various components of the stack. We will look towards tendering various components in the coming weeks.”

By embracing the power of technology, PNG is poised to embark on a transformational journey, redefining the way citizens interact with the government and shaping a more prosperous future for the nation.

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