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Draft Data Governance and Protection Policy 2023

The draft National Data Governance and Protection Policy has been in development since 2021 and has undergone several internal refinements. This current draft is the third version of the policy, which incorporates feedback from stakeholders and discussions that took place during a workshop on ICT Clusterization and Data Governance held in June 2022 at the Hilton, as well as an internal workshop held in March 2023 at the Villa Karai resort

The Policy draft is designed to provide a framework for the responsible use, management, and governance of data across public and private sectors. It aims to mitigate the risks associated with increased data usage, such as data breaches and misuse, which can have significant consequences for individuals and society.

The policy seeks to promote accountability and transparency in the handling of data and protect the privacy rights of citizens. It provides clear guidelines on how data should be collected, stored, processed, and used, and establishes principles for the secure sharing and access to data.

This policy draft represents a significant milestone in our efforts toward digital transformation and the protection of personal data and privacy rights in Papua New Guinea. The Ministry through the Department of Information and Communication Technology welcomes feedback and comments from stakeholders and the public on the policy through the email: or

We believe that this policy draft will contribute to building a digital ecosystem that is secure, trustworthy, and respects the rights of the people of Papua New Guinea

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