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Draft National Media Development Policy 2023

The purpose of this policy is to outline the objectives and strategies for using media as a tool for development, such as promoting democracy, good governance, human rights, and social and economic development. This draft Policy seeks to address the decline in standards of journalism, the impact of poor journalism on the development agenda, and governments' lack of coordination in information services, and also consider the emergence of modern media.

Draft Universal Access Scheme (uAS) Policy 2023

The Universal Access Scheme Policy for Papua New Guinea outlines the strategies and actions needed to ensure that all citizens have affordable and reliable access to essential communication services such as the Internet and mobile communication. This draft policy is a direct response to current challenges faced in delivering the UAS under the National ICT Act 2009. This draft Policy aims to bridge the digital divide, promote social and economic development, and enhance education, health, and entrepreneurship opportunities.

Draft National Broadband Pillars

Identifying the Nation Broadband Pillar is the first step toward drafting a National Broadband Plan for Papua New Guinea. The draft Pillars focus on broadband network connectivity needed for citizens to be able to access the Internet and all online services and capabilities. It includes underlying network infrastructure, delivery of broadband access services, related facilities and connection options, and the need for such services to be affordable to all users.

Draft National Right to Information Policy 2023

The Constitution gives every citizen the right of reasonable access to official documents, subject only to the need for such secrecy as is reasonably justifiable in a democratic society under ten (10) exceptions. The draft Policy seeks to further articulate this right to make for a transparent/open government.

Draft Data Governance and Data Protection Policy 2024

The draft National Data Protection & Governance Policy focuses on safeguarding individual privacy, fostering transparent data practices, and ensuring secure data management. It requires compliance with data protection principles, proposes the creation of a regulatory authority to oversee implementation, and addresses cross-border data transfer while promoting innovation and digital growth.

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