Tuesday 30 May, 2023

Acting Provincial Administrator of East Sepik, Samson Torovi  has emphasized that national democratic elections are unquestionably expensive, adding it is  an undeniable reality.

Mr  Torovi was sharing his provincial election experience during the one-day open summit on the 2022 national general election hosted by the Inter Departmental Election Committee (IDEC), at APEC Haus yesterday.

According to Mr. Torovi, East Sepik Province had to utilize its own funds to cover the costs associated with the province’s election processes.

“For effective budget initiatives, appropriate funding must be visible to all provinces across the country.”

“There is a lack of coordinating approach at the national level.”

He added, the Electoral Commission’s priority in allocating funds and resources determines the success of all provincial  election preparations.

In order to ensure that this problem does not arise again, Mr. Torovi requests that the national government look into the situation and formulate a budget before the next election.

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