Thursday 12 January 2023

Australian Prime Minister Hon. Anthony Albanese says telecommunication sector is one of the many important aspects of economic development in Papua New Guinea where his government is keen to assist.

In his address to Parliament House this morning upon his arrival from Australia, Prime Minister Albanese said telecommunication infrastructures plays a major role in assisting economic development.

“On the threshold of the biggest markets and the fastest-growing economies in the world, digital and communications infrastructure is every bit as vital as roads and ports,” Prime Minister Albanese said.

“This is why Australia built the Coral Sea Cable and is helping to build a productive and competitive telecommunications market for PNG.

“It’s important and right that the Australian Infrastructure Financing Facility for the Pacific has a strong pipeline of projects here in PNG, and I look forward to following their progress and celebrating their completion.”

Prime Minister Albanese further stated that Australians will never forget the heroism and humanity of the brave souls who, eight decades ago came from all over PNG to serve and fight alongside Australian soldiers in defence of land and in defence of Australia’s freedom too.

“Australia gave your first Assembly a symbol of our support and respect and affection,” he further stated.

“A demonstration of the precious value we place on our countries’ deep and lasting friendship.

“And a token of gratitude for the extraordinary service your people gave to ours, in the darkest days of the Second World War.

“But the true weight, the real power and the great strength at the heart of that democratic symbol – comes from Papua New Guinea.”

Prime Minister Albanese and his delegations were here for a two days visits.

Discussions between the two Prime Ministers are basically on economic development of PNG, and also on aid and funding of major projects to drive economic development, moving forward.

Vital sectors including education, health, infrastructures, sports, law and order and others were discussed during the first day of his visit today. Thursday 12 January 2023. Prime Minister Albanese will be travelling to Wewak East Sepik province tomorrow, Friday 13 January 2023, before departing for Australia in the afternoon.