Thursday 24 August, 2023

DICT Secretary, Steven Matainaho.

The Department of Information and Communications Technology Secretary Steven Matainaho has announced an extension to the closing of the open Request for Information (RFI) for local Cloud Service Providers (CSPs).

In a circular today, Secretary Matainaho  said the initial deadline for the RFI submission, initially set for August 25, 2023, has been extended to September 12, 2023.

He said this is to give ample time for CSPs to provide detailed information on their cloud services offerings for the Government Leased Cloud Infrastructure (GLCI) under the Digital Government Act 20221 and the PNG Government Cloud Policy 2023.

Meanwhile,  Secretary Matainaho is inviting both national and international CSPs to participate in the RFI.

He said with the help of this RFI, government agencies may create a secure, dependable, and affordable cloud infrastructure that will foster innovation and enhance the delivery of digital services to individuals, companies, and the government as a whole.

The  RFI also complies with Section 25 of the Digital Government Act of 2022, paragraph 9, which calls for the maintenance of a register of cloud infrastructure suppliers.

He added that another aim is to follow the PNG Government Cloud Policy 2023 core policy directives and best practices for public sector procurement.

Meantime, This RFI does not represent a commitment by the PNG Department of ICT to purchase any goods or services and is only intended for informational and planning purposes.

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