Wednesday 29th March, 2023

Picture: DICT Secretary Mr Steven Matainaho highlighting the role of the ICT Steering Committee, under the Digital Government Act 2022, during its meeting

The Secretary of the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT), Mr  Steven Matainaho, has issued a public notice devised by the Public Service ICT Steering Committee (PSICTSC), inviting feedback from all stakeholders on the draft Digital Standards.

The PSICTSC, established under the Digital Government Act 2022, has called on all heads of departments, public authorities, provincial and district administrators, and digital transformation officers to provide their valuable feedback on the following standards: Domain Name Standards, Website Standards, Email Standards, and Cyber Security Standards.

The draft standards are available for consultation on the DICT Official Website (see link below) for a period of two weeks, until April 4th, 2023.

The PSICTSC has also planned a series of information and awareness sessions to educate the public on the set of draft standards.

The announcement of these activities will be announced on the DICT digital media channels.

As the PSICTSC is responsible for coordinating the digitization and digitalization of public services, all ongoing ICT digitalization or modernization projects and designs must be submitted to the PSICTSC initially for visibility purposes.

Secretary Matainaho encourages all stakeholders to take the opportunity to review the draft standards and provide their feedback.

For any guidance and clarification, please contact the PSICTSC Secretariat at

To review the draft Standards, Click on this link: