Monday 31 July 2023

Prime Minister James Marape addressing the people of   Koiari   on Friday 28 July 2023,  at the Variarata National Park.

Prime Minister Hon. James Marape has called on the people of Hiri-Koiari District in Central Province to prioritize the preservation of their rainforests for long-term sustainability.

He made the  call  during the momentous visit of French President H.E Emmanuel Macron to the Variarata National Park, located just outside Port Moresby City, on Friday, 28 July  2023.

President Macron’s presence at the park reaffirmed Papua New Guinea’s dedication to safeguarding its pristine forests and added confidence to the global mission of rainforest conservation.

“We invited President Macron to showcase the beauty of PNG’s forests and to demonstrate our commitment to preserving them by refraining from deforestation and destruction of our precious vegetation,” said Prime Minister Marape.

With Papua New Guinea’s rainforest ranking as the third largest and undisturbed tropical rainforest globally, preserving its integrity is of utmost importance. The Prime Minister highlighted that President Macron’s visit underscored his support for PNG’s endeavors to protect its rainforests for future generations.

Moreover, Prime Minister Marape shared that he had previously met President Macron in Gabon, Central Africa, where they discussed the significance of preserving PNG’s rainforests. During the ‘One Forest’ Summit, attended by rainforest nations, they urged President Macron to be a resolute advocate for rainforest conservation and promote their concerns to major economies at global forums like the G7 and G20.

“While we appreciate the efforts of global leaders in protecting rainforests, we also seek their financial support to ensure the sustainability of our rainforests now and in the future. President Macron, our champion, is voicing our concerns to the world leaders,” emphasised Prime Minister Marape.

The  Prime Minister further  extended his gratitude to the Koiari people for their warm welcome during this historic visit to their district

 Prime Minister James Marape making a point to the students of Sogeri National School of Excellence, while French President HE Emmanuel Macron (right) and Member for Hiri-Koiari Hon Keith Iduhu look on. Minister for Higher Education, Hon. Don Polye is obscured in background.

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