Tuesday 2 April, 2024

DICT and Partners Promotes Universal Acceptance Day for a More Inclusive Internet

The PNG Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) successfully hosted a virtual event to promote Universal Acceptance (UA) Day on March 28, 2024.

This virtual event aimed to foster a more inclusive internet experience for all users, regardless of language or character sets used in domain names.

So what exactly is Universal Acceptance Day? UA Day aims to make sure that all website addresses work smoothly on any device, no matter the language or characters they use. And with PNG’s very diverse linguistic landscape, the issue of universal internet becomes an issue. Thus this campaign envisions a digital world where accessing any website is easy, regardless of the language in its address.

The recent virtual event facilitated by DICT, featured ICT experts from Unitech, Divine Word University, ICANN, and PNG Vodafone.

Discussions focused on the various and dynamic challenges face when going online, and how to improve internet accessibility for Papua New Guinea’s diverse population, ensuring everyone can access and understand information online.

DICT’s Deputy Secretary Mr Russell Woruba expressed appreciation to key partners, ICANN’s Savenaca Vocea for his continuous support to PNG and the Oceania region. Additionally, Mr. Russell Harada from the .PG ccTLD PNG University of Technology was commended for fostering enhanced engagement within the internet community. Ms. Jennifer Sirias of Divine Word University and Vodafone’s Willie Meck were lauded for their invaluable insights into UA within ICANN’s multi-stakeholder framework.

Mr Woruba also extended the Department’s appreciation Secretary Mr Steven Matainaho, “for his visionary leadership, and in pushing for Internet development through our digital transformation programme.”

“And thank you everyone who joined online! We hope you learnt something new.”

Looking ahead, Mr. Woruba announced an upcoming event on the DICT’s agenda—the PNG DNS Forum, slated for the first week of May 2024. This forum promises to be another pivotal moment in the journey towards a more inclusive digital landscape.

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