Tuesday 04th April 2023

Minister for Foreign Affairs, Hon Justin Tkatchenko, has reassured his Chinese counterpart, of Papua New Guinea’s continued support to the “One China” policy, since both countries established diplomatic relations in 1976.

“This has been the cornerstone of PNG-China relations and will be maintained going forward.”

Minister Tkatchenko made these remarks on his third day bilateral visit to the Republic of China, where he met with his counterpart, His Excellency State Counselor and Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Qin Gang, while attending the Boao Forum for Asia, in Hainan province on 30 March 2023.

Foreign Minister Tkatchenko said PNG and China will maintain good relations going forward since PNG government has made a decision to close the PNG Trade Representative Office in Taiwan as a cost savings measure rather than a geopolitical one as some external powers in the region may make it out to be.

The PNG Trade Representative Office will be closed down by the end of April 2023. State Counselor and Foreign Minister Qin Gang expressed gratitude on behalf of the Chinese government for the people and government of Papua New Guinea’s ongoing stance and support of the “One China” policy. He added, the PNG Trade Representative Office’s total closing is a clear illustration of PNG’s adherence to the “One China” principle.

State Counselor Qin Gang, also assured Mr. Tkatchenko of China’s continued support in implementation of Chinese-funded projects, such as the upkeep of the Port Moresby International Convention Centre (ICC), the construction of teachers’ apartments for the Butuka Academy, the Taurama Military Hospital, the development of the Sir Michael Somare Peace Park, and the commitment to funding and building the Gerehu Hospital.

Mr Qin Gang has also agreed to a request by Foreign Minister Tkatchenko for the Chinese Government to construct and renovate the Taurama Barracks Primary school.

Both Foreign Ministers also discussed Chinese government’s assistance into renovation and reconstruction of police barracks within the National Capital District commencing with the Badili Police Barracks

Minister Tkatchenko in reassuring State Counsellor Qin Gang of the importance PNG places on its bilateral relations with China, stated that friendship should be built on trust, and PNG values China as an important bilateral partner.

“Other countries’ enemies are not PNG’s enemies. PNG maintains a “Friends to All and Enemies to None” policy.

“If there are doubts within the bilateral relations both countries as genuine bilateral partner must have honest dialogue” Minister Tkatchenko added.

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