Port Moresby, August 31, 2023

PNG Minister for ICT Hon. Timothy Masiu, emphasizing on collaboration for a united pacific during the first Inaugural Pacific ICT Ministers’ Dialogue at APEC Haus, Port Moresby on Monday 28 August, 2023.

With a resounding call for unity and collaboration, the Pacific ICT Ministers convened in Port Moresby for a transformative dialogue hosted by Papua New Guinea. Hon. Timothy Masiu, MP, the Minister for ICT, opened the event with a heartfelt welcome and a vision of a digitally empowered Pacific region.

Minister Masiu expressed gratitude to all attendees for accepting Papua New Guinea’s invitation to cross the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean and gather in Port Moresby. He highlighted the commonality shared by the Pacific ICT Ministers – the recognition of the urgent need to collaborate and forge a strong bond.

Under the theme “Smart Pacific, One Voice – Creating a Digital Future together for the Pacific,” Minister Masiu emphasized the privilege of hosting fellow Pacific Islanders as they embarked on a collective journey toward unity and a digitally advanced Pacific.

He recounted a pivotal moment during the ITU Plenipotentiary Conference in Bucharest, Romania, in November 2022. Minister Masiu noted that while other regions were uniting their voices, the voice of the Pacific remained fragmented and silent. This realization prompted a commitment among Pacific ICT leaders to collaborate, ultimately leading to the inception of the Pacific ICT Ministerial Dialogue.

Highlighting the need for more effective mechanisms of collaboration, Minister Masiu acknowledged the crossroads at which the Pacific region finds itself. The Pacific ICT Dialogue, he asserted, emerges as a beacon of renewed collaboration, invigorated by a fresh purpose.

Minister Masiu’s remarks positioned the dialogue as a celebration of collective determination, dedication, and shared destiny. He stressed that this event was not just a gathering of officials, but a pivotal moment in shaping the future of the Pacific.

Through the power of digital technologies, Minister Masiu noted, the Pacific has the means to overcome divides, create opportunities, and amplify its voice globally. The dialogue symbolizes a commitment to innovation, empowerment, and unity, underpinned by the belief that collective efforts can address common challenges.

As the Pacific ICT Ministerial Dialogue unfolds, it ushers in an era of progress and collaboration, leveraging the potential of technology to create a brighter future for the Pacific nations.

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