Friday August 24, 2023

The forthcoming Pacific ICT Ministers’ Dialogue and the Asia-Pacific Telecommunity Policy and Regulation Forum for the Pacific (APT PRFP-16) are set to kick off next week, commencing on Monday in Port Moresby before moving to Kavieng to infuse the event with a unique touch from the New Guinea Islands of Papua New Guinea.

This significant occasion draws inspiration from a prior gathering of ICT Agency Heads earlier this year in Kokopo, East New Britain, which was an initiative of the PNG Ministry of Information and Communications Technology, promoting regional collaboration and innovation in the field of ICT.

Reflecting on the Pacific ICT Heads Meeting held on February, the convergence of ICT Ministers and ICT Agency Heads from across the region serves as a platform to collectively address shared challenges and opportunities. The Kokopo conference brought together these leaders to engage in discussions encompassing crucial topics such as infrastructure and resource challenges, disaster resilience, and societal concerns. The emphasis on collective action underscored the significance of unity.

During the Kokopo conference, Hon. Timothy Masiu, the PNG ICT Minister, alongside Hon. Vaimua Muliava of New Caledonia, emphasized the essence of collaboration. Their shared vision underscored the importance of unity as Pacific nations work in concert. The discussions spanned an array of themes, ranging from cybersecurity to digital infrastructure and governance, underscoring the multifaceted nature of the challenges faced by the region.

The outcomes of the Kokopo conference have laid a robust foundation for the forthcoming Pacific ICT Ministers’ Dialogue. Participants, who were heads of ICT agencies in the region, have informed their respective Ministers and are now converging for this pivotal event. Minister Masiu’s call for cooperation reverberates anew as Pacific ICT leaders prepare to collectively navigate the path toward harnessing and advancing ICT for regional development.

The iconic APEC Haus in Port Moresby is primed to host the amalgamation of perspectives, as ICT leaders and delegates representing twelve Pacific nations and territories convene to deliberate strategies that will mold the region’s technological landscape.

The presence of Papua New Guinea’s Prime Minister, Hon. James Marape, who played a pivotal role in propelling the Kokopo discussions, is set to contribute insights once again during the Pacific ICT Ministers’ Dialogue. His participation underscores the unwavering dedication of the PNG Government and Pacific leaders to drive digital innovation and growth.

As anticipation builds, this event solidifies the region’s commitment to unity and progress. The Pacific ICT Ministers’ Dialogue stands as a testament to the collaborative spirit that propels Pacific nations toward a tech-savvy future, reflecting the shared aspirations for growth, development, and advancement together for a better pacific

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