Our Mission and Vision

Our Vision

To harness the potential of ICT to make PNG become a smart networked and knowledgeable society by bringing government closer to the people through effective governance, improved service delivery and socio-economic growth. It is envisaged the use of ICT will;• Promote collaboration, interaction and participation;• Promote innovation and learning;• Provide an open and transparent government; and• Provide citizen-centres services, and knowledge-based industries. This vision is one where all citizens are empowered and can interact and collaborate with the Government.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to transform how government learns, builds, delivers, and measures digital services in the 21st century. To do this, we provide people in the government with the tools, methods, practices, and policy guidance they need to deliver effective and accessible digital services. Moreover, to ensure the use of appropriate and affordable digital technologies through a transformative and inclusive approach across sectors of the economy for benefits of all.