Friday 1 March, 2024

(l-r) NRI Deputy Director of Research Professor Eugene Ezebilo, NRI Director Dr Osborne Sanida, DICT Secretary Mr Steven Matainaho, and DICT Deputy Secretary Digital Government, Mr Russell Woruba at the MoU Signing.

The National Research Institute (NRI) and the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to strengthen collaboration on research and technological advancement to address challenges in the public service through ICT.

The signing ceremony, on Wednesday 28 February, 2024, marks a significant step towards establishing a collaborative framework to enhance research exchange initiatives, teaching cooperation, promote joint projects, and to leverage resources capabilities that seek to develop solutions to address contemporary challenges in the ICT space.

DICT Secretary Steven Matainaho, at the singing ceremony emphasized the importance of this partnership in building a strong foundation for knowledge and research-based policy development.

“With all these works,” Secretary Matainaho continued, “we want to see if we can have a repository of knowledge in Policy formation and implementation.

“We want to build our research and capacity in Policy writing, that is the gist of the MoU with PNG’s National Research Institute (NRI).” This collaboration aims to establish NRI as a guiding force in policy research and development for DICT.

Director of the National Research Institute, Dr. Osborne Sanida, echoed the significance of the MoU, stating, “The signing of the MoU marks an important step in advancing research and Digital Transformation for Socio-economic development.”

He emphasized the alignment between NRI’s mission of “Inquire, Inform and Influence” and DICT’s vision of utilizing ICT for societal advancement.

Dr. Sanida further highlighted the potential for collaboration in streamlining government processes, adding, “We do not need to do manual processes anymore, we can transform to digital processes for us to address problems.”

He encouraged more discussions with DICT officials on leveraging ICT to improve efficiency and address bureaucratic challenges.

The facilitator of the MoU signing ceremony, DICT’s Manager for Partnerships Mr Henry Konaka, stated, this strategic partnership between NRI and DICT paves the way for joint research initiatives, capacity building programs, and knowledge exchange.

By combining their expertise and resources, both institutions aim to generate data-driven solutions that contribute to Papua New Guinea’s technological advancement, informed decision-making, and overall socio-economic development.

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