Thursday 22June, 2023

The National Department of Health sworn in a six-member Special Procurement Committee on Tuesday 20 June 2023.

Minister for Health HIV & Aids Hon. Dr Lino Tom said the committee was established on October 26, 2022, and gazetted in March this year which means that it is now in operation.

He emphasized that the NHP 2021– 2030 places a strong emphasis on the control of medical supplies.

The purpose of the committee is to:

• Undertake, manage, control, and regulate procurement within K5 million;

• Protect the use of public funds and ensure that good public financial management practices are followed;

• Ensure fairness amongst suppliers and transparency when procuring foods, services, and works;

• Ensure procurement is conducted  on  a timely manner.

He said that making drugs timely available was a major difficulty for the NDOH and the health sector in the previous years, and the procedure was also time-consuming.

He however claimed that , the NDOH requested that the APC ratify the NDOH Special Procurement Committee in September 2022, which it did.

The committee will work within the procurement laws to ensure honesty, transparency, and impartiality in their decisions as well as efficiency and effectiveness,.

Dr. Lio further reassured NDOH partners including development partners, central agencies, and everyone involved in the business of procuring medicines, medical supplies, and consumables.

The six members, each of whom represents a separate agency, are led by NDOH Secretary  Dr. Osborne Liko, while Elva Lionel, Deputy Secretary, National Health Planning and Corporate Services, serves as his deputy.

Other members are from the Office of the State Solicitor (Deputy State Solicitor) Lillian Vevara; Department of Finance First Assistant Secretary Samson Metofa; National Procurement Commission Executive Manager Strategic Procurement Veari Hitolo; and PNG Chamber of Commerce Administration Manager Dulcie Bodu.

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