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Foundational Framework for Enhancing Data Governance and Data Protection in PNG

National Data Governance & Data Protection Policy 2024

Policy Issue Statement:
Papua New Guinea faces significant challenges in managing and protecting data due to the rapid growth of digital technologies and data collection. Without proper regulations, data breaches, privacy violations, and misuse of data pose risks to individuals, businesses, and national security. The absence of clear guidelines undermines public trust and hinders the benefits of data-driven innovation and economic growth. Therefore, PNG urgently needs a comprehensive National Data Governance and Data Protection Policy to address these issues.
Policy Intent:
The National Data Governance and Data Protection Policy aims to provide a clear framework for effectively managing, sharing, and protecting data in Papua New Guinea. The policy intends to:
  • Establish Clear Principles: Define clear principles and standards for data governance and protection to guide responsible data handling by government agencies, businesses, and other stakeholders.
  • Strengthen Data Protection: Implement robust mechanisms for data protection to safeguard privacy, confidentiality, and integrity, enhancing public trust in data handling practices.
  • Promote Data Governance: Foster accountability and transparency in data governance by defining roles, responsibilities, and accountability mechanisms across all sectors.
  • Facilitate Data Sharing: Encourage responsible data sharing among government agencies, businesses, and stakeholders to promote collaboration, innovation, and efficient public service delivery while ensuring compliance with privacy regulations.
  • Enhance Data Literacy: Promote data literacy and awareness among citizens, policymakers, and organizations to empower informed decision-making and responsible data use.
  • Foster Innovation and Economic Growth: Create an enabling environment for data-driven innovation and entrepreneurship by providing regulatory certainty, promoting ethical data use, and fostering innovation.
  • Ensure Flexibility and Adaptability: Design a flexible policy framework to adapt to emerging challenges and opportunities in the digital landscape, recognizing the dynamic nature of technology and data practices.
  • Align with International Standards: Ensure alignment with international best practices and standards for data governance and protection to enhance PNG’s competitiveness and interoperability in the global digital economy.
By addressing these objectives, the National Data Governance and Data Protection Policy aims to promote trust, transparency, and responsible data management practices, contributing to PNG’s sustainable development and prosperity in the digital era.

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