National ICT Road Map 2018

The ICT roadmap details key activities to be targeted in the short, medium and long term, so that the DCI can develop the relevant policy accordingly. 

It should be noted that the ICT roadmap is not an exhaustive list of activities, nor is it designed to be future proof in the face of a rapidly evolving ICT market. 

The roadmap should be considered as a live document and will be regularly reviewed by the DCI to monitor progress and updated to ensure the roadmap activities remain relevant and up to date.

 The DCI is expected to explore areas of focus as they become priorities and develop policies or programmes in collaboration with stakeholders in government, industry and the public. 

The ability for the DCI to develop appropriate policies, and to deliver the activities outlined in the ICT roadmap, is dependent on the department receiving greater levels of funding to alleviate current resource constraints. 

Implementation considerations for the ICT roadmap are discussed in Section 3, and this should be read in conjunction with the capacity building plan prepared for the DCI.

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