Friday 28July, 2023

Prime Minister Hon. James Marape  and Minister for Higher Education, Hon. Don Polye, at Variarata National Park on Friday, 28 July 2023.

Papua New Guinea’s Variarata National Park, in the Central Province, came to life  as the participating entities awaited the arrival of His Excellency Emmanuel Macron, the President of the Republic of France on his official visit to the Park, Friday, 28 July.

 This marked the first time in history that a President from a higher economy country had visited the park, making it an unprecedented event for Papua New Guinea.

Led by Prime Minister James Marape and accompanied by various state leaders, the atmosphere at the park was vibrant, with traditional dancing groups and tribal leaders from Koiari and Central province coming together to showcase their cultural heritage.

 Notably present were officials from the Climate Change and Development Authority (CCDA) and the Conservation and Environment Protection Authority (CEPA), as well as other senior government officials.

Amidst the Ministers of State, who gathered at the Park,  the Minister for Higher Education, Research, Science, and Technology, Hon. Don Polye, took the opportunity to laud Prime Minister James Marape’s leadership and accomplishments.

Minister Pollye expressed his admiration for the current government’s’ efforts in strengthening international relations and attracting high-profile visits from other nations.

He stated, “This has never been done before, and now with Hon. James Marape leading the country, we have higher economy countries visiting us, and we’ve further established more fruitful international relationships.”

Minister Polye highlighted the recent visits from prominent leaders such as the Indonesian President, the U.S. Secretary of State, the Indian Prime Minister, and dignitaries from China, showcasing the nation’s growing prominence on the global stage.

Furthermore, Minister Polye extended his heartfelt congratulations to Prime Minister Marape for successfully organizing the visit of President Emmanuel Macron, making PNG the host of yet another leader from a higher economy country, a significant milestone for the nation.

In response, Prime Minister Marape expressed his gratitude for Minister Polye’s kind words and acknowledged the historical significance of President Macron’s visit.

 “This is the first time in the history of PNG that a French President has graced our shores, and it is an honor to welcome him to Variarata National Park,” stated Prime Minister Marape.

As the nation prepared to receive President Macron, security measures were heightened, and elaborate arrangements were made to ensure a successful and memorable visit.

The picturesque Variarata National Park, known for its diverse wildlife, and stunning landscapes, provided the perfect backdrop for the historic occasion.

During his visit, President Macron engaged in discussions with Prime Minister Marape and other state leaders, focusing on various issues of mutual interest, including forests conservation efforts, climate change, and ways to strengthen bilateral ties between France and Papua New Guinea.

The presence of President Emmanuel Macron in Variarata National Park not only marked a significant milestone in PNG’s diplomatic relations but also brought attention to the country’s natural treasures and cultural heritage.

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