Monday 24th April 2023

Minister for Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Hon. Timothy Masiu, has announced that the Draft Government Cloud Policy is in its final stages and is expected to be submitted to the National Executive Council (NEC) for endorsement in the coming weeks.

The Government Cloud policy advocates for a cloud first approach and is a key part of PNG’s digital transformation journey.

“Upon endorsement by the NEC, the Department of ICT will commence the procurement process for a Leased Government Private Cloud, which will provide a secure, scalable, and reliable platform to support the government’s digital initiatives,” says Minister Masiu.

This cloud infrastructure is a crucial component of PNG’s Government Technology Stack and is designed to improve service delivery, streamline government processes, and promote transparency and accountability.

Minister Masiu encourages all stakeholders and the public to stay informed and engaged as the country takes bold steps towards its digital transformation.

“The forthcoming endorsement of the Government Cloud Policy by the NEC marks an important milestone in this journey.”

The Draft Government Cloud Policy can be accessed on the DICT website ( for those who wish to learn more about the policy and its implications.

The policy is a significant step towards modernizing and improving PNG’s public services, which will ultimately benefit the people of PNG.

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