Thursday 26 October 2022

Papua New Guinea’s Ministry of Information and Communications Technology has welcomed the Australian Federal Government’s increased funding to support   the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s television and radio programs and capacity building initiatives in Indo-Pacific region.

 A total of AUSD$87.7 million was announced by the Australian Government to revitalize ABC’s ongoing programs in the region.

Minister for Information and Communications Technology, Hon. Timothy Masiu, when welcoming the announcement, said, “During my time as minister, since 2019, I have diligently brought this matter up with my various counterparts in Canberra, Australia particularly the proposed partnership with ABC and the Papua New Guinea National Broadcasting Corporation’s (PNG NBC) in technical assistance and capacity for improved Pacific Islands local content.

“I would like to convey my appreciation and thank you to the Australian Federal Government for recognising the importance of ABCs advocating development agenda in the Indo-Pacific.

“I thank my colleague Minister Hon. Michelle Rowland for our recent meeting on this same matter and for her leadership in enabling budget appropriation for the ABC to continue to service Indo­ Pacific,” Minister Masiu said.

Meantime, Papua New Guinea has been a longtime beneficiary of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s television and radio services since pre-independence.

“PNG and ABC have a rich and great history as ABC’s services were relayed through Papua New Guinea local government development communications network National Broadcasting Corporation since it was established under the Broadcasting Commission Act on 1st of December 1973 and was known as National Broadcasting Commission, until 1994 when it took the present name.”

Mr Masiu is looking forward to NBC’s close working relationship with ABC toward building a resilient region, through a clear and harmonious cooperation in regional content and broadcasting.