Monday 12 September, 2022

Minister for Information and Communications Technology. Hon. Timothy Masiu has urged the Department of ICT to prioritise the dissemination of government information and contents to the rural population.

 “I want the department to move up with its information dissemination. We are the government body that disseminates all government information and therefore information must go out to our people.”

Mr Masiu made these remarks when he recently   met with the three organizations under his Ministry: the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT), National Information Communications Technology Authority (NICTA) and the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC).

“The Information Dissemination Division within the Department of Information and Communications Technology must be there to ensure information from other government departments and agencies are disseminated.”

Minister Masiu said, we are the agents of information and we must make sure information reach the people.

“It is our responsibility to make sure we reach the unreached and connect the unconnected through air and therefore we must improve all our radio services”, said Minister Masiu.

He added that with the Marape Rosso vision of the government not to leave anyone behind and to take back PNG, we will not be lazy and complacent.

“As the communication sector, where there are people, we have to reach them and that means that we have to lift our game, we have to move up.

“Let’s go out there and reach them. Those are the people that matters to us right now. We must build towers, visats, improve our radio and telecommunications services because if those people cannot communicate, we are doing injustice to them.

“You are not here by mistake however you are here for a purpose and that is to selflessly serve the people”, said Minister Masiu.

Technology is advancing and changing every time and thus encouraged everyone to work together from the Boards down to Management and to all the staff.

Minister Masiu said the entities must continue with    the work he started three years ago.

“We have done so much and I am happy that there is nothing new to talk about however we will continue work and to scale up”.

Minister Masiu thanked the leadership of the Secretary of the Department of Information and Communications Technology Mr Steven Matainaho, CEO NICTA Mr Gulo-Vui and Managing Director NBC Mr Kora Nou for functioning and progressing well.

He challenged staff who are working in the administration of the respective offices to make sure work is in progress and move things forward.

Minister Masiu challenged all staff that the work of government must progress and therefore officers need to support each other in delivering services successfully.

Minister Masiu will meet separately with Management and Staff of NICTA, NBC and DICT, however   he is looking forward to working together with everyone within the five years.