Monday 4 September 2023

The Pacific Islands Fisheries Ministers East New Britain Initiative is underway to discuss the critical issue surrounding fisheries resources in the region.

East New Britain Governor Michael Marum in welcoming Pacific Ministers and dignitaries said, “Fishing, undoubtedly, holds a pivotal role in our province’s heritage  and economy.

“Our waters are abundant with diverse marine life, sustaining not only our local communities but also contributing to our national and global seafood value chain.

“It is my distinct pleasure and honor to welcome you all to this significant gathering of fishing ministers from various countries, for  the Pacific Islands Fisheries Ministers East New Britain Initiative,” Mr Marum said.

The gathering is expected to provide a unique platform for  the Pacific leaders to  exchange ideas, share best practices, and foster collaboration.

“Together, we can chart a course towards a more sustainable and prosperous future for our fisheries.

“I encourage you all in the coming days, to delve into crucial topics such as conservation efforts, sustainable fishing practices, technology advancements, and the socioeconomic impact of the fishing industry,” Mr Marum said.

He encouraged the participants to engage actively in these discussions, to ask questions, and to contribute their valuable insights and importantly share the lessons learned from past experiences.

“The solutions, we formulate here will play a significant role in shaping the future of our coastal communities, of which Rabaul and other parts of province can hopefully benefit from into the future”.

Governor Marum also announced that a proposed bill will soon be taken to Parliament to establish the ENB Free Trade Zone.

“A bill that is designed to entice projects from around the world to establish themselves in ENB and take advantage of our large land mass, our large population and our closeness to the Asian market.

“It is my intention through the free trade zone bill to support the Government’s vision of establishing the ‘Rabaul Tuna’ terminal with all the peripheral support needed to assist the industry and realize the potential of the indirect benefits that a project of this magnitude would bring to our region,” Marum said.

The ENB provincial government is also committed to supporting the proposed bill and will free up land to support this vision including building dock yards and slip ways for ship owners to repair their fishing fleet, net mending and maintenance for the purse seines.

“As we embark on this journey of collaboration and knowledge sharing, I am confident that our discussions will lead to innovative solutions and strategies that will benefit not only our province but also the global fishing community.

“Together, we can steer the course toward a brighter and more sustainable future for our oceans and our people.

 “Let’s make the most of this opportunity to forge meaningful partnerships, exchange ideas, and set a course for a thriving and responsible fishing industry,” Mr Marum said.

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