Thursday 17th August 2023

President of the Republic of Indonesia, H.E Joko Widodo and Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister Hon. James Marape, at a press conference at APEC Haus on, 5 July 2023.

Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister Hon. James Marape has issued a call to action for the Education Department to expedite the use of 2,000 scholarships offered by Indonesian colleges and universities.

This initiative is a direct result of the successful visit by Indonesia President H.E. Joko Widodo in early July, in which both nations pledged to enhance bilateral educational cooperation.

Prime Minister Marape has taken a proactive approach to capitalise on this opportunity, directing the Department of Education to ensure that the scholarships are leveraged effectively.

At a meeting with the Indonesian Ambassador to Papua New Guinea H.E. Andriana Supandy on August 16, Prime Minister Marape reaffirmed the significance of the scholarships and stressed the importance of timely action.

He emphasised that this initiative would not only enrich the educational experiences of Papua New Guinea students but also foster reciprocal benefits.

Prime Minister Marape urged the immediate utilisation of the 2,000 education scholarships generously extended by Indonesian colleges and universities.

He highlighted that for every student sponsored by Indonesia, Papua New Guinea would reciprocate by sponsoring another Papua New Guinea student, marking a novel approach to fostering educational growth.

“This opportunity presented by Indonesia is invaluable, and we must seize it with urgency,” stated Prime Minister Marape.

“By providing our youth access to international education, we are equipping them to make meaningful contributions to our nation’s progress.

“This endeavor aligns seamlessly with our commitment to providing quality education, exemplified by our STEM students pursuing studies in the USA, with funding from the Papua New Guinea Government.”

These scholarships signify a landmark step towards elevating the educational landscape of both nations, fostering knowledge exchange, and fostering enduring cultural connections.

Prime Minister Marape’s resolute stance underscores the unwavering commitment to education’s transformative power in steering the nations’ shared future.

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