Thursday 19th January 2022

Prime Minster Hon. James Marape, congratulating Grand Chief Sir Bob Dadae on his reelection in Parliament this morning.

The 11th Parliament today reelected Governor General Grand Chief Sir Bob Dadae to another six-year term in Office.

Prime Minister James Marape when congratulating Sir Bob, said, “I would like to congratulate Sir Bob for being re -elected to serve as the Governor General of PNG for second term, and we are looking forward to working with him and give support to his office, which is above politics.”

PM Marape also congratulated the other two candidates, Ms. Winnie Kiap and Mr. Stephen Pokawin for taking bold step in making their intentions known to give a race for the Office of the Governor General.

“The two candidate that came third and second equally are man and woman of good standing in our society,” PM Marape said.

“I would like to thank them for expressing their interests as we run the constitutional process that was shown by the constitution, and which indicate the win by Sir Bob with enough ballot, to continue in the office of the Governor – General.

“When we came back as government, we also looked into this vacancy that looming.

“And right from the start, we had no reason to doubt Sir Bob impartial standing and performance as Governor – General, and long before Ms. Kiap, who made her intentions known earlier than Mr Pokawin.”

PM Marape said Government has already taken resolutions for continuity and stability, for a regional balance.

“Consideration for Sir Bob to continue in the office was a government resolution and brought to the fray by Pangu Pati, as a ruling party in the government and it was a caucus decision and a combined resolved, and it was upfront even before the other two candidates gave in their interests,” Prime Minister Marape stated.

“So, when we make this sort of decisions, we try to live with it and I would like to give respect to Sir Bob in the last six years he served.

“Never bring the office of the G-G into disrepute as you have served distinctively representing our late Queen and now representing our King and the next six years conferred upon you through this process indicates above many things.

“Our presentation to the outside world, who looked in the long-term tenure of a Head of State, a 12-year reign will surely indicate to them stability and continuity of the office of the Governor General.”

Sir Bob was elected with 71 votes while Ms Kiap received 33 votes.