Government’s vision:  People to have much needed  services within an hour’s reach  

Monday 13 March 2023

Minister for Health and HIV/AIDS, Hon. Dr Tom Lino (centre)  cuts the ribbon to officially open the Gaulim Community Health Centre, in the Gazelle District of East New Britain. He is joined by Member for Pomio and Chairman of Parliamentary Committee on Health Matters, Hon. Elias Kapavore (left) and Member for Gazelle and Minister for Fisheries and Marine Resources, Hon. Jelta Wong (right). (Photo credit, PM’s Media Unit)

Prime Minister Hon James Marape has reiterated his government’s vision, to bring much needed services to the people within an hour by road, air and water.

The vision  became a reality for the people of Gaulim in the East New Britain Province., when their new Gaulim Community Health Centre was  officially opened on Thursday 9 March 2023.

The Member for Gazelle and Minister for Fisheries, Hon. Jelta Wong was accompanied by  the Minister for Health& HIV/AIDS, Dr. Lino Tom and Member for Pomio and Chairman of Parliamentary Committee on Health Matters Hon. Elias Kapavore to the official  launch of the Gaulim Community Health Centre.

The Gaulim Community Health Centre is a Level 2 hospital and was funded by  the Asian Development Bank,   ( ADB)  and the people and Government of Australia, while  the construction was managed by the ADB.

The facility will provide supervised birthing, anti-natal care, short-term inpatient care and a range of other out-patient services, and  will actively reduce the amount of time and resources the people in the community use to travel  long distances to Kerevat and Nonga to get primary health care.

Minister for Health Dr. Lino Tom said in the National Health Plan, there are five Key Result Areas (KRA),  which include healthier communities through effective engagements; working together in partnership; increase access to quality and affordable health services ; address disease burdens and targeted health priorities; and strengthening health systems. 

“That means, everything the we have done or are currently doing, if the people do not take ownership or show appreciation of the services that have been brought to you, services will be affected ,”he said.

“I want to remind you again that the project cost over K5 million which is a big investment that came from our development partners. “

Dr Tom said ,:”As a country we  do not have enough financial resources to support all our people, that is why we have development partners like Australia and t (ADB) to support our development agendas.

“The  least Papua New Guineans can do is to look after the important infrastructure that have been given to us.”

Dr Tom  further challenged  the East New Britain Provincial Health Authority and all other provincial health authorities to send qualified people from urban settings  to work at rural facilities right across the country.

“When  we build such infrastructures around the country, we want all provincial Health authorities to audit their structures and to send qualified people to work and manage those infrastructures.

“The  authority  must  manage the health facilities, and staffing rest with the PHA’s however, if there is mismanagement, the National Health Department will intervene so that Quality and accessible Primary Health Care can reach the people.

“We want all rural health facilities to be open and operational,” Dr Tom added.

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