Friday 2 December 2022

The Government will set up a National Monitoring Authority (NMA) in 2023 to ensure the National Budget is implemented and the Government’s visions and aspirations are realized.

Prime Minister Hon. James Marape said this yesterday (1 December) when commenting on the delivery of the 2023 Budget on Tuesday 29 November 2022.

“The NMA would comprise bodies like National Research Institute, National Economic and Fiscal Commission, Transparency International, National Council of Churches, among others.

“We will also have representation of the Provincial Governors, Inter-Government Relations Department, and Central Agencies,” PM Marape said.

Mr Marape says the government will check and endure that all intentions of the Budget are delivered to expectations.

“We have just delivered the biggest-ever K24.5 billion Budget and we want to ensure that it delivers positive outcomes for the country.

“We want to develop our country and not waste and squander money on unnecessary areas.”

The Government’s focus for 2023 is Law-and-Order, Education, Health, Infrastructure and Economic Development.

“We want our people to develop their agriculture, forestry, fisheries, tourism and others instead of being overly dependent on oil, gas and mining.”

Mr Marape said the 2023 Budget had noble intentions for PNG and the NMA – with representation of the people of PNG – would keep a close eye on implementation of the 2023 Budget and others into the future.

The Government is also looking at getting professional auditing firms to audit Government books, and check Government programs to ensure that “we are working for our people.”

“We are also looking at engaging independent recruitment firms to recruit police, soldiers, warders and public servants to ensure that we get the best young people without accusations of bias and nepotism.

“We want the Budget to deliver for our people, instead of appropriating and spending without ensuring maximum return, as we have done for the last 47 years,” Prime Minister added.

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