Friday 2 December 2022

Prime Minister Hon. James Marape has reminded heads of Government departments and agencies to submit their annual reports by March 31, 2023, outlining their achievements in 2022.

Prime Minister requires the reports to ensure timely and regular checks and balances on Government departments and agencies.

“All heads of Government departments and agencies are required to report back to us, by March 31, 2023, on what they have done for the country,” PM Marape said.

He further warns, government will not tolerate any late reports, adding, in no uncertain terms, that failure to comply with this deadline will result in termination.

All reports, covering each department and agency’s achievements in 2022, should be submitted to the Office of the Chief Secretary by the due date.

“We want to operate our country in a smarter, business-like, modus-operandi.”

Meanwhile , Mr Marape will also be requesting the Auditor-General to hire independent audit firms to inspect and check all the reports.

“This is for the benefit of our tax-payers and the ordinary people of Papua New Guinea.”

PM Marape said his Government was not a new one, but a continuing one, and all heads of departments and agencies should know what was required of them.

“We want to do better for our country,” adding, “We are in the process of taking back our country and putting it back on the right road,” Mr Marape said.

“The people have given us their mandate and we want to do the right thing for them.”

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