Wednesday 22 March 2023

Prime Minister Hon. James Marape says the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) is now operational and urged the public to report all matters of corruption.

“Any cases of corruption that the public sees out there should be reported to ICAC, as well as Police and Ombudsman Commission.”

He added, three ICAC Commissioners from overseas had already been engaged.

“Our government does not tolerate corruption and people should not only just post cases of alleged corruption on the social media but report these to the responsible authorities.

“I made a commitment to this nation, when I became Prime Minister in May 2019, that we will fight corruption,” PM Marape said.

We also have the Whistle Blowers’ Act and the Proceeds of Crime Act for undisclosed wealth in place, so Papua New Guineans should not just post cases of alleged corruption, they should report them.

“My government is serious about fighting corruption as shown by passage of the Whistle Blowers’ Act and establishment of ICAC in 2020, and the Proceeds of Crime Bill in 2022 – which completes the trifecta of anti-corruption laws,” he added.

PM Marape said the Proceeds of Crime Act, which was passed by Parliament last year, showed how serious his government was about fighting corruption.

It means that public officials, politicians and public servants must explain and prove that their wealth was legitimately obtained and those who hold public offices, and illegally gain wealth through corrupt practices, will now come under scrutiny with passage of this bill.

“If you are a politician or public servant, or any ordinary citizen who suddenly has many houses or many cars, or a fat bank account with no explanation as to where this money came from, then Police and Internal Revenue Commission (IRC) have every right to question you.”

“We want a population made up of people who are earning an honest living. Gone are the days when we allowed corruption to proliferate among us.”

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