Government Cloud Policy 2021

The Government of Papua New Guinea recognizes that the use of ‘Cloud Services’ has the potential to improve Government service delivery and enhance commercial and business activities.

 The Government has adopted an overarching ‘Digital Transformation Policy’ in 2020 and is making a strategic shift to cloud us age through the use of public and private cloud services. 

 Cloud computing is a mature and stable technology and tool for commoditizing computing resources. The Government Cloud (GC) Policy provides guidance and direction to PNG Government departments and agencies in making use of Government Cloud Infrastructure (GCI) services. 

The Policy provides for a certain degree of coordination among Government departments/agencies at national and sub-national level to ensure consumption of cloud services is efficient, secure, and sustainable therefore, facilitating a better collaboration and partnership between Government-to-Government, Government to-Business and Government-to-Citizens.

 The Government Cloud Policy will ensure the Government embraces and benefits from the available cloud services, determining the appropriate future usage of cloud services and properly coordinating the use of cloud services. 

The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) as the mandated coordinating agency as per NEC decision number 39/2021, 40/2021&47/2021incoordinating Cloud services, secure data exchange and shared services appropriately.

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