Wednesday 17th May 2023

The Governor General Grand Chief Sir Bob Dadae.

The Governor General Grand Chief Sir Bob Dadae on recommendation of the Prime Minister as delegate of the National Executive Council (NEC), has authorized a one-day public holiday on Monday 22nd May for the National Capital District to allow for Security Protocols to be observed for the High-Level Visits that will be happening in Port Moresby.

Prime Minister James Marape said there will be certain sections of the city that will go into lockdown and other areas where people will be allowed to stand on the side of the road to see Indian Prime Minister Hon. Narendra Modi and President Joe Biden pass by.

“The public holiday for Port Moresby is firstly to mark the significant event of the visit of the Fijian Prime Minister, the New Zealand Prime Minister, the Indian Prime Minister, the US President, and off course the presence of all the Pacific Island leaders,” Prime Minister Marape said.

“While the government is eager to ensure that its people share in the excitement of this historic occasion, it must also ensure that this is conducted in the strictest security overlay for the city, so that our world leaders are able to conduct their visit in a safe and secure environment.

“We anticipate that there will be an acceptable level of movement allowed in the areas of the city away from the main routes for the motorcades, but the main areas will be on lock down.

“It is therefore necessary that we minimize likely inconveniences to both businesses and leisure movements by allowing our workers to stay at home.”

Prime Minister Marape said they are in conversation with the country’s bilateral partners to understand what level of security expectations there are in terms of crowd proximity to the main motorcade routes for VVIPs.

He said in any case, both local and international media team is working on making sure that the event is carried live on television screens or on Facebook so that people can witness this truly historic occasion in the comfort of their homes.

The Prime Minister emphasized that vital services will continue to be provided as required and as necessary.

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