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The Papua New Guinea Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) is taking the lead in driving digital transformation across the whole of government. As part of its commitment to improving the sector for the whole of government, DICT has organized a series of regional workshops to engage stakeholders and raise awareness about its policies, standards, and implementation objectives.

These workshops will not only inform participants about the government’s digital transformation efforts but also provide an opportunity for valuable feedback on draft policies.

From the 12th to the 26th of July, DICT will conduct workshops in all four regions of Papua New Guinea. The target audience includes stakeholders from public bodies such as provincial governments, district offices, and provincial health authorities.

By directly engaging with these agencies, DICT aims to ensure that all key stakeholders are well-informed about their policies, standards, and the broader objectives of digital transformation.

The workshops serve as a platform for DICT to outline its plans for improving the government through ICT, in alignment with the Digital Government Act 2022. Stakeholders will gain insights into the department’s strategic vision and be informed about the various initiatives that will contribute to a more efficient, accessible, and citizen-centric government.

By sharing this information, DICT aims to foster a collaborative environment that encourages stakeholders to actively participate in and support the digital transformation efforts.

One of the significant objectives of the consultation workshops is to seek valuable input from participants on various draft policies. DICT recognizes the importance of incorporating diverse perspectives and expertise in policy development. By collecting feedback during the regional workshops, DICT ensures that stakeholders have an opportunity to influence the finalization of these policies.

This participatory approach strengthens the policies’ effectiveness and enhances their alignment with the needs and aspirations of the various public bodies.

DICT’s regional workshops exemplify the department’s commitment to inclusive and collaborative decision-making processes. By engaging stakeholders from diverse backgrounds, the workshops facilitate knowledge exchange, networking, and the formation of partnerships. The shared objective is to harness the power of digital technologies to drive positive change and improve service delivery throughout the government sector.

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