Tuesday 4 June 2024

First Assistant Secretary  of the Department of National Planning and Monitoring Mr Sanja Pepae, delivering his keynote address during the Data Governance Workshop at Holiday Inn this morning.

The  First Assistant Secretary  of the Department of National Planning and Monitoring Sanja Pepae, emphasized the importance of effective data governance in  his keynote address  at  the Data Governance Workshop 2024,  at Holiday Inn, Port Moresby.

He stressed that data governance is essential for unlocking the full potential of data for national development.

Mr. Pepae explained, effective data governance provides the foundation for informed decision making, operational efficiency, economic growth, and social equity.

“It requires concerted efforts from all stakeholders, including ministers and government officials, to collect data at various levels, including word, LTLT, and district levels.”

Mr. Pepae noted that data governance is crucial for development planning and organizational progress, significantly impacting national development goals.

“Effective data governance ensures policymakers have access to high-quality data, addressing real-world societal needs and development issues.”

Mr. Pepae highlighted that data governance improves public service by improving data quality and accessibility, identifying inefficiencies, and allocating resources effectively.

“It also plays a critical role in economic growth, fostering a conducive business environment, supporting innovation, and enabling informed decisions about investments, foreign investments, and job creation.”

Mr. Pepae emphasized that building a culture of data governance requires education, training, collaboration, technology investment, leadership, and commitment.

He added that effective data governance values data as a strategic asset and promotes responsible data practices, urging everyone to commit to building a culture of data governance that values accuracy, security, and responsiveness.

“Together, we can ensure that data becomes a powerful tool for driving sustainable development and improving lives,” Mr Pepae added.

The workshop  is being hosted by  the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) from 4 – 5 June 2024.

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