Digital Government Plan 2023-2027 for consultation

28th July 2022

The Digital Government Plan 2023 -2027 (‘the Plan’) HAS endorsed by the National Executive Council

The  Plan leads on from the ICT Roadmap 2018, the PNG Digital Transformation Policy 2020 and the Digital Government Act 2022.

The draft Plan proposes to digitize and automate all of public service and make services:

1. fast, simple and clear for the people;

2. transparent and efficient by government;

3. increase government revenue generation through the uptake of SME and foreign direct investments; and

4. grow the digital economy 

The Plan recognizes the absence of appropriate ICT policy interventions within the Development Strategic Plan 2030 and therefore positions itself as a strategic delivery plan for the anticipated Medium Term Revenue Strategy 2023 – 2027 and to complement the delivery of the Medium-Term Development Plan 2023 – 2027.


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