Friday 24 May 2024

The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) is set to host a pivotal Data Governance Workshop on June 4-5 at the Holiday Inn, Port Moresby. This event is aimed at uniting stakeholders from various sectors to engage in crucial discussions and pave the way for enhanced data governance practices in Papua New Guinea.

DICT Secretary Steven Matainaho highlighted the workshop’s role as a vital platform for collaboration and dialogue among diverse stakeholders. “With the overarching goal of promoting responsible data management and protection, the workshop will facilitate discussions on key issues such as data management, data users, data sharing, and transparency throughout the data lifecycle,” Matainaho stated.

The workshop seeks to establish a comprehensive data governance framework that aligns with PNG’s digital aspirations while ensuring the protection of citizen interests. Emphasizing the importance of data in government operations, business activities, and citizen interactions, Matainaho urged stakeholders to engage deeply in the workshop’s collaborative and knowledge-sharing environment.

An online survey on data governance best practices is currently underway, with its findings set to be unveiled during the workshop. “The presentation of online survey findings will provide valuable insights into current challenges, trends, and opportunities in data governance, informing strategic decision-making and policy development,” Secretary Matainaho explained.

Participants can expect the workshop to yield a comprehensive baseline report detailing the current state of data governance practices, pinpointing strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. This report aims to refine governance strategies and foster a more robust data governance environment across the government.

Mr Matainaho assured that DICT is committed to translating the workshop’s insights and recommendations into specific action plans and policy frameworks. These initiatives will focus on enhancing data governance and interoperability, addressing identified challenges, and leveraging strengths to build a resilient data governance infrastructure.

The DICT’s Data Governance Workshop represents a significant step towards a future where data is managed responsibly, transparently, and efficiently, supporting PNG’s broader digital transformation goals.

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