Thursday June 22, 2023

The Asia Pacific Top-Level Domain (APTLD) Association has announced that the Papua New Guinea Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) has become its newest member.

 The decision was made during APTLD’s teleconference on June 21, 2023, where the board unanimously approved DICT’s application for Associate Membership.

APTLD serves as a vital platform for the exchange of information and discussions related to technological and operational aspects of domain name registries within the Asia Pacific region.

With DICT’s inclusion, Papua New Guinea now joins the community of organizations and entities actively involved in shaping the domain name landscape.

The APTLD board expressed its gratitude for PNG’s interest in joining the association and warmly welcomed the DICT to the APTLD community.

 The decision to accept DICT as an Associate Member underscores the department’s commitment to fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing among domain name registries in the region.

This new membership opens doors for PNG to contribute to discussions on industry best practices, policy development, and technical advancements.

 It also provides an opportunity for the DICT to gain insights from other members’ experiences, which can help enhance the country’s domain name infrastructure and services.

As DICT becomes an active participant in the APTLD community, it is expected to contribute to the association’s objectives of promoting cooperation, innovation, and the overall development of domain name systems in the Asia Pacific region.

This collaboration between APTLD and the PNG DICT marks an important milestone in strengthening regional ties and facilitating the growth of a secure and reliable online environment in the country.

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