Tuesday,4  April 2023

The Government, under the Digital Government Act 2022, established a Government Leased Cloud Infrastructure with the aim of delivering effective and efficient services to every Papua New Guinean, while at the same time, reducing costs of delivering these   government services.

While the Department of Information and Communications Technology, has been mandated by Government to implementing this Act on Cloud technology, it has also encouraged all  government agencies  and public bodies due to its efficiency in delivering quality services to citizens and reducing costs.

This means government agencies are encouraged to now migrate from physical data centres on-premises, and utilize the cloud infrastructure to deliver its digital services.

Cloud technology has numerous benefits and advantages that can enhance service delivery to citizens and improve the whole of government in PNG.

These benefits include:

•         Cost savings: Cloud technology enables government agencies to reduce the cost of hardware, software, and maintenance, while paying for cloud services on a pay-per-use basis. This approach reduces upfront costs and ensures taxpayer’s money is channeled more towards services than costly infrastructure.

•         Scalability: Cloud technology enables government agencies to scale their computing resources up or down, depending on demand and operation, without having to spend a significant amount of money on new infrastructure.

•         Agility: Cloud technology enables government agencies to quickly deploy new services and applications, allowing them to respond to changing needs and priorities effectively.

•         Collaboration: Cloud technology enables government agencies to collaborate and share resources with each other, improving efficiency and reducing duplication of effort.

•         Security: Cloud technology can offer better security than on-premise systems, with built-in security features, encryption, and data backup.

•         Accessibility: Cloud technology allows government agencies to access their systems and data from anywhere with an internet connection, enabling remote work and improving productivity.

•         Innovation: Cloud technology offers new opportunities for innovation, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data analytics, which can help government agencies make better decisions and improve services for citizens.

The Government Cloud Platform is there to help government agencies become more efficient, agile, and innovative while improving security and reducing costs.

With more focus on implementing and delivering actual services to citizens rather than fueling time-consuming projects, the cloud infrastructure can significantly enhance the quality and efficiency of service to the citizens of PNG.

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