Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) hosting of the recent Digital Transformation Officers (DTO) conference and workshop, has seen participants having productive discussions, especially panel  discussions to broaden collaborative ideas about the current ICT trend in the country, moving forward.

DICT Manager for DevOps and Government Websites Mr. Joshua Pomaloh when giving his presentations during the workshop , stressed on the importance of Development Operations (DevOps) on websites and information technology ( IT), and its integration with service delivery.

Mr Pomaloh said DevOps is the collaboration of the development and operations groups where traditionally, developers build applications or systems, and then hand it over to the operation groups to install and administer the system, often documents are received on how to use it intendedly.

“In Government, DevOps is a strategic approach or project management delivery method, to ensure projects are delivered with high visibility from all stakeholders and delivery groups, and projects are successfully delivered with this approach.

“Government Special Projects such as, Government Portal and e-services must use the DevOps delivery model so projects can be implemented successfully.”

He stated that in PNG, many systems are developed in isolation and so much money has been spent on such systems that do not really solve the problems faced.

“Our focus should be on service delivery to the majority of the populace, as with current situation where citizens standing in ques to attend to their business, especially in banks, hospitals, and others, because the services are manual,” he stated.

He said DevOps must play a huge role in solving these problems by digitizing these processes or services through automation.

“We must deliver services that our people really want, and not what we as leaders and implementers think our people want, in that way we can really transform the lives of our people,” Mr Pomaloh added.

“Technology is not the problem; the problem is about having the right mindset to deliver using the right technology at the right time.

“E-Government portal is a Web based Online Portal where Government Information and Services can be accessed on a single platform.

“Services such as: police clearance, visa and passport applications, drivers license, NID and many more.”

Mr Pomaloh said E – Government portal input is very important also in ensuring services reach people digitally, in that way  it can improve service capability, and  improve the standard of living of citizens as well.

Roles and function of DICT DevOps team is to ensure they coordinate with departments and agencies in digitization; liaise with internal and external service providers; review current and new systems; enforcing best practice development life cycle of systems; and development of re-usable digital services.

There are pilot projects currently coordinated by the DICT DevOps team; Government portal; police clearance (digitization); and technological building block: