Tuesday 4 June 2024

The Registrar- General of the  PNG Civil and Identity Registry,   Mr Noel Mobiha addressing the  first day of the Data Governance Workshop,  at  Holiday Inn, this morning.

The Registrar -General of the  PNG Civil and Identity Registry,   Noel Mobiha,  has described    data collection, as  an expensive exercise, and cannot be taken lightly.

In his remarks during the first day of the  Data Governance workshop, at Holiday Inn, Mr Mobiha  however emphasized the importance of data collection, saying, “  it is  the foundation of everything we do.”

He  further noted that, nobody talks about collecting data, and instead, people focus on analyzing and implementing systems.

Mr. Mobiha shared his experience in collecting data on the footprint of 39 million kina, saying that it took 70,000 datasets and was divided into 9,000,000.

He added, the cost of collecting data can be high, citing an example of a census collection that cost over K 30 million.

Mr Mobiha also emphasized the importance of moving data quickly and efficiently, adding, “ It’s not just about collecting data but also about moving it to where it’s needed.”

“Data sitting in silos is not good and loses value over time.”

 The Registrar-General also touched on the issue of data storage, saying that they do not  store data on the cloud  platform because it is  not their jurisdiction, but   encouraged people to think about where they store their data.

The Data Governance workshop is being hosted by the Department of Information  and Communications Technology from 4 – 5 June 2024.

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