Cyber Security Policy 2021

The purpose of this document is to delineate and describe the National Cyber Security Policy for Papua New Guinea (PNG). Cyber-related risks are evolving rapidly and as PNG becomes increasingly reliant on ICT, it is of paramount importance that its technical and intelligence capabilities in cyber security be developed in par with international standards and in accordance with international best practice in order to provide adequate protection for its citizens, critical infrastructure systems and national security.

 In this modern day and age open connection is enabled by the internet, if without an in-country mature cyber security capability and capacity, PNG may be subjected to cyber incidents that may adversely affect PNG’s economy. 

This National Cyber Security Policy sets out the Government’s approach toward addressing every changing and dynamic cyber security risks and challenges. The Policy defines the Government’s vision, goals, objectives, evolving governance and the principles to guide the development of relevant strategies and action plans on minimize cybersecurity risks.

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