Our Core Values

We are committed to improving people’s experience of government services. This means putting people first, improving skills both within government and outside government to deliver these services.

Customer Focused

Technology is designed and developed to address specific challenges and or issues towards improving efficiency in customer service delivery. Therefore, we will work with all the other agencies to help them to create services

that are simple, clear, efficient and easy to use. We will build a national infrastructure to facilitate Digital Government and other relevant activities that provide ICT facilitated services for the benefit of the citizens.

Innovation and Change
Our commitment to innovation, entrepreneurship, and change will underpin our efforts in the digital transformation of our economy. 


We are committed to ensuring that all government systems including websites, applications, services deployed and used by government agencies, among others, are standards driven and are open and interoperable both for crucial
data exchange and integrity and for accessibility so that all users can read and interact with these systems.

Teamwork & Collaboration

We are committed to work as a team at all levels of our operations to ensure the effective and efficient delivery of digital services to Government, Business and the Citizens of the country. We are also committed to making
collaboration easy. Open collaboration across government is critical to a secure digital future. It is our business interest to enable collaboration and make it easier.


We are committed to conduct our business in an open and transparent manner to promote public confidence and accountability in the delivery of our services.


Everything we do is informed by what our customers need. We will apply multiple methods for measuring, listening and understanding our products and services we offer.


We are committed to display professionalism in the conduct of our business to earn the trust of Government, Business and the Citizens of the country through continuous training and development.


We are committed to maintaining a knowledge and skilled based workforce through continuous training and development.


We are committed to uphold integrity and honesty at all times in order to earn the trust of our clients and stakeholders