Police Commissioner David Manning delivering his speech at the launch of the Joint Security Forces Operation –  2022 National General Elections in Mt Hagen, WHP.

Police Commissioner David Manning launched the Joint Security Forces Quick Responses Force (QRF) deployment in the highland’s region for the 2022 national general election on Friday 17 June, at the Pope John Paul oval in Mt Hagen in the Western Highlands Province.

The launch symbolically  commenced  the  security operations throughout Papua New Guinea for the 2022 National General Election.

 The  joint security forces is made  up of the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary, PNG Defence Force and the Correctional Services.

Commissioner Manning reminded the QRF members on parade the sole purpose of the 2022 election operation deployment and urged them to be  good ambassadors of their respective forces, noting, the national general election continues to be the single largest internal security operations in the country.

“ Every five years we, the state security forces, come together to ensure we protect the democratic process that is the national election.

“The eyes of the world, our fellow citizens, your colleagues and your families will be on us. It is not only a critical time in the political life of our country,  but equally for our people as well.

“Even more so for our respective forces. Our respective capabilities and capacities will be tested through this period.

“As many of you are aware, the involvement of our people in the process presents us with significant challenges that we must meet head on, in addressing them and resolving them.

“Working with the communities though the length and breadth of this nation is key to delivering a free, fair, safe and corrupt free 2022 national general election.”

Mr Manning further stressed the challenges Papua New Guinea faces  as a developing nation, adding, this  has resulted in an increased demand for the joint  services and resources to maintain the rule of law and protecting  the  democratic way of life.

“In the course of this operation we will be subject to scrutiny, criticism, and deliberate acts designed to bring the operation into disrepute. This is expected and we must not allow this to distract us from our efforts.

“Key to our efforts in ensuring we remain on task is our vigilance in maintaining

Operational Integrity. Our Mission End State is very clear and remain unchanged.”

Mr Manning called on the joint security forces to be dedicated and loyal to their duties, as this will determine the operational tempo of the next phases of the operation.

He warned, “this is not the time nor place to display your personal political preferences.”

“I, like many of you have friend and relatives contesting in this national election, but I will not let that fact cloud my judgement or influence my authority to make decisions, and I expect you all to do the same.

“Our operation orders and execution of those orders must be equally clear and consistent at all levels of command. This operation will be demanding physically and mentally. You will be expected to maintain a high level of operational awareness throughout its entire duration.”

The parade was also attended by numerous partners that have assisted in this operation including Head of the Australian Defence Staff, Military Attaché of the Indonesian and the United States Embassies, New Zealand Defence Attaché, as well as the Defence Attaché of the Embassy of the Peoples Republic of China.

Mr Manning when acknowledging their support ,  said the level of their assistance  was  a strong demonstration in their  belief in the security forces’ role in protecting the election process and democracy.

With those words Mr Manning officially launched the 2022 National General Election security Operations.

Report by Police Media Officer – Inspector Tumbe Sam in Mt Hagen.


  1. Members of the  joint security forces, Police, PNG Defence Force and Correctional Services on Parade at the Pope John Paul’s Oval in Mt Hagen, Western Highlands Province.
  • Police Commissioner David Manning delivering his speech at the launch of the Joint Security Forces Operation –  2022 National General Elections in Mt Hagen, WHP.

Police Commissioner David Manning (fourth left), PNG Defence Force Chief Mark Goina (fifth left), Police Deputy Commissioner Anton Billie (sixth left), CS Deputy Commissioner Operations David Suagu (seventh left), with Military Attaché from the  Indonesian and US Embassies, and Defence Attaché from Australian and