Wednesday 04th April 2023

The Chief Secretary to Government and Chairman of Central Agency Coordination Committee (CACC), Ivan Pomaleu has thanked the Eboa Village in Central Province for allowing CACC to host its first Regional Consultative Meeting recently.

Chief Secretary Pomaleu told a crowd consisting of Eboa chiefs, colourful traditional dancers, school students, women’s groups and villagers who gathered to witness this important event that the meeting purposely held in Eboa was to stay connected to the people.

“It is a big honour for my committee and I to come here and to be part of the village and I would like to acknowledge the fact that you have welcomed us with open arms

and in colourful traditional dance; we feel very important,” Chief Secretary Pomaleu said.

“Let me specifically welcome the chiefs, those who are in charge of the clans and the paramount chiefs for making all of these possible.

“Let me also acknowledge and thank the Honourable Member of Kairuku District, Hon. Peter Isoiamo for joining us.

In appreciation of being hosted in Eboa Village, Chief Secretary Pomaleu announced that the National Energy Authority has donated solar lights to mark the CACC’s first regional meeting held in the village.

Mr Pomaleu also announced the CACC’s commitment in funding a four-in-one classroom for Eboa Village this year.

“My appeal is for the people to look after them,” he said.

Present at the CACC Meeting were Secretaries of the Department of Personnel Management, Taies Sansan, Department of National Planning & Monitoring, Koney Samuel, Department of Provincial & Local Government Affairs, Joseph Warus, Department of Treasury, Andrew Oeaka, Department of Foreign Affairs Deputy Secretary, Department of Justice & Attorney-General Acting Secretary Nichodemus Mosoro and Managing Director for National Energy Authority.

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