Butuka Academy, a symbol of education between PNG, China

Thursday 16th March, 2022

Chinese Government Special Envoy for the Pacific Island Countries (PIC) Affairs, His Excellency Ambassador Qian Bo is keen to better promote and strengthen PNG-China diplomatic ties.

 In his visit last week, Ambassador Qian paid a courtesy call at the   Butuka Academy in the National Capital District where he was met by Minister for Foreign Affairs and Member for Moresby South Hon. Justin Tkatchenko.

 Minister Tkatchenko said Butuka is the only school in the South Pacific that teaches the language of Chinese Mandarin.

 “A second language in Chinese is important for communication and for students’ broader knowledge of opening up to the world,” he said.

 “As China is one of the superpowers in economic trade, this gives more opportunities for Papua New Guineans.

“We are very proud that we are the only school in the South Pacific that teaches our children how to speak Chinese (Mandarin).

 “It is the best run school in my district and around Port Moresby and currently has about 3,000 students.”

“We are very happy that you have come here as special envoy appointed by your government,” Minister Tkatchenko said.

 Ambassador Bo said Butuka was one of the best schools in the Region in terms of infrastructure and performance, adding that it is a symbol of the Papua New Guinea and China relationship.

 “China is fast developing country and shares a lot in common with PNG and we’d like to share and learn from each other.”

“Learning Chinese is very wise decision because China and PNG are very close friends, we are allies, we are friends, partners and brothers. “

 “The future of our bilateral relationship relies on you,” Ambassador Bo told the students Butuka.

 “We must invest more on education and pay more attention to the education of our future generations because their performance will determine the future.

“I’m very glad to visit this beautiful country and this is my first overseas visit after my appointment last month.” “It fully shows that the Chinese government has a great influence to our bilateral relations,” Ambassador Bo said.

Ambassador Bo said his appointment by the Chinese Government was to implement the consensus reached by leaders of both sides as well as to fulfill the outcomes made last year when Prime Minister James Marape  visited China.

“I used to work in Fiji as the Chinese Ambassador for nearly five years so I have a special feeling for people in the islands.

 “This is my second visit and I will do my best to promote China-PIC relations in particular China-PNG relations.”

 “I would love to work with Minister Tkatchenko and other PNG friends to promote the relationship and gain strong support from PNG.

 “As special envoy, my job is help you make friends with Chinese students; study hard and you will have a bright future.”

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