Wednesday 9 August 2023

A total of 509 people have been selected to undergo police recruit and cadet training programs from the 13,039 shortlisted applicants for the 2023 recruitment, says Police Commissioner David Manning.

When addressing the first batch of 222 new cadets and  police recruits   at the Bomana Centre of Excellence yesterday ( Tuesday 8 August 2023), Commissioner Manning said the 509, which includes 443 regular recruits and 66 cadets, will be undergoing intensive training for nine (9) months and three (3) years respectively.

Mr Manning was accompanied by Deputy Commissioner Administration Joanne Clarkson, Deputy Commissioner Regional Operations Dr. Philip Mitna, and acting Deputy Commissioner Specialist Operations Donald Yamasombi.

The officer cadet training will commence in September, followed by the second batch of regular recruits in three (3) months.

Mr Manning congratulated the recruits and cadets for coming through a vigorous and lengthy recruitment process adding that, “This by no means is the end of your journey. Your nine (9) months of residential and practical sessions that you will undergo are very critical.

“Both your intellectual capacity and attitude will determine whether you are the right person in character and have all ethical values to wear this uniform.

“Being here does not guarantee you to graduate. We will not fail you. It is you though your commitment to training, and your desire to serve our country and our people will sail you through. I want to see you all 222 graduating in 9 months,” Commissioner Manning said.

He further thanked the Marape-Rosso government for focusing on the law-and-order sector and its steadfast commitment to rebuilding the police force and its manpower going forward.

“The police recruitment and training will commence every 12 months until we reach a ceiling of ten thousand,” Mr Manning said.

Deputy Commissioner Administration Joanne Clarkson also echoed that the Constabulary needs more policewomen and encouraged the 61 female recruits in both regular and cadet programs to take the training seriously and join the serving women in the force.

“Currently we have a gender imbalance in the Constabulary, and I want to encourage more women to join the force. The force needs females just as much as it needs men,” Ms Clarkson said.

Ms Clarkson further highlighted that the infrastructure at the Bomana Centre of Excellence has received major facelifts and the recruits will be the pioneers to utilize these new facilities

Acting Deputy Commissioner Specialist Operations Donald Yamasombi ( front right), Deputy Commissioner Administration Joanne Clarkson, Police Commissioner David Manning (centre), Deputy Commissioner Regional Operations Dr Philip Mitna, Director Training, Superintendent Mariah Jones (at the podium) reciting the national pledge with the recruits before the commencement of the training Tuesday, August 8, 2023 at the Bomana Centre of Excellence.

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