Friday 4 August 2023

The Written Expression Examination for Grade 12 students nationwide is scheduled for Monday, 7 August 2023.

A total of 32,058 students from 220 Grade 12 schools including the six National Schools of Excellence, private and permitted schools have nominated to sit the exam.

Department of Education Secretary, Dr Uke Kombra is confident the  students and teachers have prepared well for this exam.

He has called  on all   Provincial Divisions of Education, school administrations and parents to support students give their best.

“I am also calling on the general public to respect our students and support them in every way possible to sit the exam on  Monday.”

The Department through the Measurement Services Division has already dispatched all the materials for the Grade 12 Written Expression Examination on time to all Provinces.

Students were also  issued with the Booklets for reading by their nominated schools on Monday, 31 July,   in preparation for the actual exam.

All the Provincial Education Advisors (PEAs), Provincial Examination Supervisors, Senior Secondary Inspectors, Guidance Officers, Principals and Governing Councils are asked to be vigilant and security conscious with the security of the Examination Materials and through to the actual administration by following the rules enforced by the Measurement Services Division.

“Everyone involved in the examination process are advised to prevent all tendencies towards any mal-practices that may compromise the results.

“They are also reminded that the penalty for cheating or assisting to cheat in national examinations is non-certification and requested all citizens to support fair examinations to all which is in our national interest.”

Meanwhile, the marking of the Written Expression Exam is scheduled for  20-26 August in Port Moresby.

Dr. Kombra has urged students to study hard for the final examinations which are coming up in October. These exams are scheduled as follows:

i.        Grade 10 (9th–13th October)

ii.        Grade 12 (16th–20th October)

iii.       Grade 8 (23rd – 26th October)

iv.       Grade 12 STEM (30th October – 3rd November)

“I wish every student in Grade 12, all the very best in their Written Expression Examination”.

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