Wednesday 11 July, 2023

Minister for ICT Hon. Timothy Masiu (center) and NBC’s newly appointed Board Members: (l-r) Mr Peter Mokai Mr Henao Iduhu (Deputy Board Chairman) Mr Ian Tarutia (Chairman) and Members Mr Chris Mora after the swearing-in ceremony at NBC Head Quarters, Port Moresby.

Four new members of the National Broadcasting Corporation Board were sworn-in at the NBC’s Headquarters on Monday, 10 July 2023.
They include: Mr Ian Tarutia as Chairman, Mr Henao Iduhu (Deputy Chairman), Mr Peter Moka and Mr Chris Mora (Members).
Minister for Information and Communications Technology, Hon. Timothy Masiu, when welcoming the new members, emphasized the importance of experience and expertise in driving the corporation forward.
He expressed his optimism about the team’s leadership and ability in bringing renewal and innovation to the NBC.
He highlighted the diverse backgrounds of the board members, which encompassed both corporate and public service experiences.
The board chairman, Mr Ian Tarutia, a former CEO of a highly successful business enterprise, Nasfund, and the deputy chairman Mr Henao Iduhu, a former Secretary of the Department of Information & Communication, were specifically recognized for their added expertise.
“The combination of experience and knowledge within our new board holds great promise for the future of NBC,” stated Minister Masiu.
He emphasized the board’s potential to address the legacy challenges that have plagued the broadcaster for many years.
Mr Masiu further acknowledged the support of provincial governments, as well as the National Government’s investment through the Public Investment Program (PIP) Budget since 2019.
Thanks to strategic partnerships and Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) with provincial governments, NBC has made significant progress in recent years.
One notable achievement mentioned by Minister Masiu was the reintroduction of Medium Wave (MW) radio broadcasting, which expanded the corporation’s reach.
These advancements signify the resilience and commitment of NBC to serving the people of Papua New Guinea.
Furthermore, Minister Masiu emphasized NBC’s commitment to international standards by leveraging its journey and the experience and knowledge of the new board.
He highlighted the adoption of digital tools and emerging technology to manage, produce, and broadcast content as a key indicator of progress.
The minister stressed the importance of ensuring that even the most remote parts of the country have access to information through NBC.
“To support this mission, the government has pledged further investment in the Medium-Term Development Plan 4 under the Connect PNG Infrastructure Strategic Priority Area.”
“As the Minister responsible, I called upon NBC to establish a strong partnership with the Information Services Division within the Department of Information and Communications Technology.”
The ICT Minister added that this collaboration would facilitate the flow of government information to the public, with NBC leading the charge as the country’s premier broadcaster.
Referring to ongoing discussions surrounding the country’s media development policy, Minister Masiu highlighted the recent regional consultation workshop and announced upcoming public consultations in the four main regions of PNG.
“These consultations aim to gather maximum feedback to finalize the policy for consideration by the Cabinet. The policy, once implemented, will strengthen free and responsible media, enhancing NBC’s role as the primary institution for disseminating information effectively and responsibly.”
The swearing-in ceremony marked a new chapter for NBC, as the corporation looks forward to a period of growth, technological advancement, and improved service to the people of Papua New Guinea.
With the support of the National Government and a dedicated board, NBC is poised to meet the challenges of the digital age and ensure that all citizens have access to vital information.

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