Internship programs are a great way to attract new potential individuals while offering students or recent graduates the chance to gain work experience in their area of engagement or other organizational functional areas. Depending on performance and need for further engagement within the organization, it clearly set the path for future career employment.
The Department of Information and Communication Technology is embarking on an Internship Program targeted at fresh graduates from the Universities. It intends to mold and develop a young talent that can contribute meaningfully to the organization’s overall objectives.
The Department is currently at a recruitment phase and this internship program compliment the process by identifying new talents under this program to absorb easily into our organizational structure.
The internship program requires the graduates to undertake an immersive assignment within the organizations for a period of 3 months. It will offer the students an opportunity to gain hands-on practical or organizational exposure; to
integrate the knowledge and skills acquired during this period; interact with professionals and other interns; and to improve their presentation, writing, research and communication skills.

Purpose and Objective
The purpose of the internship programme is to bring in new graduates from Universities with diverse academic backgrounds where their educational theory can be enhanced and enriched through exposure to practical work environment. The individuals engaged must be critical thinkers who want to have a tangible, long-term impact and who are driven by change and innovation.

The Internship aims to:
a) For the Graduates to apply their learning, analytical, integrative, team skills
in the work environment
b) Provide a Networking opportunities with staff within and partner organizations
c) Gives the opportunity for this Department to avoid the lengthy recruitment process
and easily select from the intern pool to fill up immediate vacancies as they exist.
d) An opportunity to pre-placement offers depending on performance and need

Interns Main Tasks
These are the major focus areas during the internship program:
a) Engage in a specific field of interest and from time to time rotating within Wings and Divisions/Branches and assisting where necessary
b) Research into the current field of interest and compare and come up with innovative ideas based on your interest to assist the Department move forward.
c) Recommend to your immediate supervisor the areas of improvement where you think is necessary for change or intervention.
d) Assist in writing correspondences, adhering to any adhoc duties that may require your immediate assistance as part of your learning and developmental experiences that will compliment your work and future studies.
e) Assist in organizing events and other logistical administrative duties
f) Assist when directed by your superiors.

Internship Duration and Location
The Internship Program is for 3 month duration commencing November and end in January annually. The program will be run within the DICT Office premises located at Tisa Ruma, Level 1,2 & 3 at Waigani, Port Moresby. From time to time, interns will sit in meetings, attend workshops, seminars and required to do short brief where necessary to your supervisor.

Eligibility & Requirement
The Department ONLY accepts Interns based on following requirements;
a) The intern must be enrolled or just completed his/her four-year degree programme in a recognized University or equivalent institution within the Country and or Overseas Country
b) Have NOT previously undertaken a similar program elsewhere.
c) Must be between the ages of 20-26 years old.
d) Proficiency in English both written and oral and be able to demonstrate it during this period of engagement.
e) Must be a computer literate and familiar with latest software applications and hardware component of the operating system
f) The applicant must be aware of the ICT trends and development within the country and around the Globe
g) Keen interest to work in the ICT space and contribute meaningfully during his/her tenure.
h) Must interact with all staff openly with respect and avoid any group or individuals with other interest other than support towards achieving DICT main goals and objectives.

Punctuality and commitment
While attached to this Department under this internship program, all interns are to be guided by Public Service General Order and Public Service Management Act. The interns must observe and practice punctuality at all times. Public Service work time commences at 7:45am and ends at 4:06pm daily.
Misconduct in the form of continued absenteeism, premature abandonment without valid reason and non-submission of briefs or reports will only result in cancellation of internship, withdrawal of job placement opportunities and or other related benefits.

Internship Report and Final Presentation
This report will be handed to the Department’s HR Manager after the completion of the internship program for assessment and evaluation on the performance of each intern.
The report will cover the intern’s understanding:
a) Of the Organization and its work
b) Description of area of engagement
c) what need to be improved upon
d) lessons learnt from this program.
e) Intern’s recommendation and clearly stating your interest moving forward. The interns are required to do a presentation of this report during the farewell ceremony.

DICT assistance to the Interns
a) Certificate of Completion or Attainment
b) Reference Letter in regard to the program
c) One off Payment at the end of the Program
d) One return ticket to your home Province (if you are flying in)
e) Transportation provided for pick up and drop off to nearest bus stops
NOTE: Accommodation is not part of this program

Address and Contact Point
Your application MUST have the following:
a) Completed internship application form provided (download from website
b) Reference letter from the Institution
c) Educational qualification including latest Academic Transcript from the Institution.
and emailed to below address:
Billy Seri
Human Resource Manager
Corporate Services Division
Department of Information & Communication Technology
P O Box 784, Waigani, NCD.
Papua New Guinea.
Level 2, Tisa Ruma, Waigani, Islander drive, Hohola.
Email: and
Landline: (675) 325 0171 or BMob (675) 75227210